Grant consulting

Complex consulting and associated services for obtaining subsidies from EU funds.

Project collaboration can take place in several stages

Grant Title Analysis

To ensure a successful future, you need to have a detailed knowledge of your company, vision, and both short and long-term goals. Based on such knowledge, PIONS will find grant titles for all possible project variants. PIONS will also establish specific ground rules and create a timeline for acquisition of resources from corresponding subsidy grants.

Preparation and processing of the grant application

Preparation and processing of the grant application and relevant appendices include:

  • economic analyses and planning (in close cooperation with the client’s experts and other potentially involved parties),
  • technical project documentation (in close cooperation with the client and other potentially involved parties),
  • consulting the process and application itself with the evaluation bodies and monitoring application evaluation processes in relevant committees and evaluation bodies.
  • We also provide energy audit (carried out by our energy auditors who have extensive experience in the area).


Our activities throughout a tendering process:

  • Expert advisory - based on our experience, in compliance with the law, and in accord with your own requirements, we will lay down the rules for the tender in a way which will lead to selecting the most suitable bid.
  • Organisational and methodological consulting.
  • Administrative tasks.

We have extensive experience in administering tendering processes under the EU subsidy regulations. 

Grant Management

Our activities related to subsidy management:

  • Project management - approval of a grant application by the state authorities does not guarantee a successful implementation of the project itself. Project management and ensuring proper financial spending can be more demanding than actually getting the funds. We provide the following services: communication with managing authorities (monitoring report, payment application, final evaluation, audit).
  • Continuous Project Monitoring.
  • Creating Evaluation Reports.