We will provide you with the necessary advice in your tenders and help you with methodology and the related administrative tasks in order to make sure that the tendering process is carried seamlessly, progressively, and always to your advantage.

Our activities during tendering process

Expert Consulting

Based on our experience and in accord with your requirements, we will lay down the rules for the tender in a way which will lead to selecting the most suitable bid.

Organisational and Methodological Consulting

We will ensure a seamless continuity between the different stages of the tendering process. For the acts remaining under the responsibility of the awarding authority (bid evaluation), we provide methodological consulting.

Administrative Activities

We perform for you all administrative tasks related to the tendering process. These include creating tender documentation, relevant reporting, announcements, and decisions.

A tendering process includes the following stages

  • Publishing the tender in compliance with methodology and legislation in force
  • Recommending suitable standards of qualification
  • Recommending suitable evaluation criteria and sub-criteria
  • Drafting tender documentation and subsequently amending it upon consultation of the relevant awarding authority
  • Ensuring handover or distribution of the tender documentation to suppliers selected by the awarding authority and to other parties interested in the contract upon their request
  • In cooperation with the awarding authority, answering potential queries related to the tender documentation and distributing these replies
  • Receiving bids
  • Providing expertise while formal qualifications of the bids are being checked
  • Organisational and methodological consulting for assessment and evaluation of the bids
  • In cooperation with the awarding authority, processing all relevant reports and protocols
  • Distributing the results of the tender