We will provide you with the necessary advice in your tenders, we will help you with the methodology and the related administration so that the selection procedure is carried out as best, progressively and to your best advantage.

With respect to tenders, we provide the following

Expert Consulting

In accordance with your requirements and our experience, we will adjust tender requirements in order to find the best offer.

Organizational and Methodological Consulting

We will ensure that all the stages of the tender are properly linked together. We will provide you with methodological consulting of the processes of the relevant awarding authority (proposal evaluation).

Administrative Services

Creating proposal documentation, relevant reports, notifications and announcements, i.e. all the administrative services related to the tender.

The tender stages include

  • Tender publication in accordance with existing legislation in force and methodology
  • Recommendation of suitable qualification requirements
  • Recommendation of suitable evaluation standard and other constituent evaluation standards
  • Processing of the proposal documentation application and its subsequent amendments based on consultations with the relevant awarding authority
  • Ensuring handover or distribution of proposal documentation to suppliers selected by the awarding authority and also to other parties interested in the tender
  • Cooperating with the awarding authority on replying to queries related to the proposal documentation and distribution of those replies
  • Accepting offers
  • Consulting the formal requirements of the offers
  • Organizational and methodological consulting services related to the evaluation of offers
  • Cooperating with the awarding authority on the processing of all relevant reports/protocols
  • Distribution of tender results