We are proud of the fact that we cooperate with successful Czech companies and public administration entities and that they repeatedly seek and use our services. Try our services too!


Drivecontrol s.r.o.

“Pions helped me acquire a subsidy which enabled me to buy necessary machines, which subsequently helped with the rapid development of my business."

Mgr. Vladimír Paneš
jednatel Day Spa Shop s.r.o.

"This is why I have decided to partner with PIONS once again. We are currently preparing another project, which could move my company to a new level.”

Microregion Ivančicko

“Why PIONS? All projects have their challenges and difficulties, and that is the reason why you need an experienced partner you can rely on."

Ing. Bohumil Smutný, BA
Shared Sevice Center Manager and DSO Secretary
for Microregion Ivančicko

MD Logistika, a.s.

We have been cooperating with PIONS s.r.o. since 2016. Taking place on a high, professional level, the collaboration helped us to acquire funding for new energy saving technologies in 2017. Currently, we are working together on another energy savings project and a project aimed at developing an intelligent tool for managing transport flows of goods.

Ing. Milan Stránský
Technical Director MD Logistika, a.s.

Towns and villages

Town Pozořice

“Meticulous work tailored to my individual requirements by a highly flexible team.”

Ing. Jaromír Červenka
mayor of the town 

Village Holasice

“PIONS s.r.o is a reliable partner and I am more than happy to recommend this company.“

Lenka Ungrová
mayor of the village