Grant consulting

Complex services and consultancy for obtaining subsidies from EU funds.



We will provide you with the necessary advice in your tenders, we will help you with the methodology and the related administration so that the selection procedure is carried out as best, progressively and to your best advantage.



We are proud of the fact that we cooperate with successful Czech companies and public administration entities and that they repeatedly seek and use our services. Try our services too!


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Our services

We offer specialized services for small and medium enterprises, large companies, the public sector and nonprofit organizations.

Top SME 2018

PIONS has been awarded a Top SME status in 2018.

Successful projects

In order to persuade new potential clients, we would like to provide information about successful projects which were financed by grants.

Innovation of ICT in WINTER (the aim of the project was to develop the ICT infrastructure, specifically to buy new HW, SW and apparatus to increase internal company effectiveness).

1,9 mio.

Renovation of Sněhurka nursery school Bořetická street, number 26, thermal insulation of the building including the roof and replacement of the filling in the openings

9,9 mio.

Renovation of ATC TRADE company premises (the aim of the project was to renovate company premises, including the administrative and operational building, warehouse and road network).

10,0 mio.